Flowers and Blooms Spotlight: Gerberas Daisies

Flowers and Blooms Spotlight: Gerberas Daisies

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Flowers and blooms have been around for a long time and are a popular choice among local florists, especially the gerbera daisies.

Characterised by relatively large discs that resemble those of sunflowers, they currently rank as the fifth most-searched-for flowers worldwide. Their drop-dead gorgeous appearance makes them comparable to flowers like roses and tulips.

The gerbera daisies come in a wide array of vibrant colours – lemon yellow, tiger orange, watermelon pink, snow white, cherry red, you name it. Their perky varieties make them as beautiful additions to a bouquet that can surely lift your loved one’s spirits!

Before looking to add some happiness into the homes of your family and friends, let’s run through some of their meanings, fun facts and how-to-care tips.

Perhaps, you’ll be able to impress someone with your newfound gerbera knowledge at the next conversation you are going to have.


Originated from South Africa, gerbera daisies are often associated with innocence. Such symbolism can be traced back to ancient Celtic folklore. Based on the backstory, it was believed that God would shower grieving couples with gerbera daisies as a memorial tribute whenever an infant died.

Gerbera daisies can also be a perfect gift for new mothers, as they stand for hope. This can be traced back to the Norse mythology in which Freya (the Goddess of fertility) chose them as her sacred flower.

But this doesn’t limit your choices of flowers since they also symbolise numerous other meanings based on their colours. Ruby red gerberas can be given to your beloved on Valentine’s Day considering that they represent passion.

Also, you can try to be more experimental by adding many different colours into your flower arrangement. A bouquet of different-coloured gerberas would warm the cockles of the receiver’s heart.

Secrets to Keeping Cut Gerbera Daisies Fresh

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to keep their fresh-cut gerberas longer? As flower experts, let us reveal our magic potions.

Be sure to fill your vase with water no more than three quarters to one inch deep before you place your long-stemmed gerbera daisies in it. The vase shape indirectly contributes to the success.

Small vases can reduce their lifespan since a small reservoir of water at the bottom could dry out faster. An ideal vase is one that is squat-shaped to allow the cut stems to be exposed to a large volume of shallow water.

Little did you know, it turns out that fresh-cut gerbera daisies have the capacity to quickly soak up water that could decay if the water is too deep. By keeping only shallow water in the vase, this problem is reduced and the stem stays stronger much longer and continues to keep the flower robust.

Another simple method is to watch for discolouration at the cut end of the stem. When it looks like it is about to get soggy, you can simply snip off just a bit of the stem. We can assure you that you’d be amazed at the result!

Key Takeaways

In the end, you don’t necessarily have to give herculean effort to care for cut gerbera daisies. In case you want to upgrade the beauty of your sweet home, head on over to our website and grab your handcrafted gerbera bouquet!

For more information on caring for your fresh flowers, be sure to read our extensive flower and bloom care guide. We have prepared several useful tips on how to care for your roses and lilies. Moreover, our top-secret to long-lasting, cut flowers has been proven to be effective by our artisan florists.



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