Top 6 Flower Gifting Occasions That Is Most Popular in Malaysia

Post by: Florist in Kota Kinabalu

#FACT: Did you know you can send flowers for basically any occasion?

There are many different occasions to send flowers on and each occasion calls for something different.

Here are some of the more popular occasions to send flowers on.

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Receiving flowers can be a great birthday surprise.

Surprise the celebrant with some flowers but make sure they’re not allergic!

Red roses and lilies are symbolic birthday flowers which we have a great selection of. Also check out our gift boxes section and have a look at our gift arrangements.

Delivery services are available to those who need flowers delivered ASAP.

Valentine’s Day

Show affection and love towards your partner by sending flowers.

Arguably the most common occasion to send flowers on, Valentine’s Day flowers usually consists of bright red roses.

Red roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day but why not try something different and opt for other red flowers instead. Red gerberas and tulips would be good substitutes due to their beautiful shades of red.

Wedding Anniversaries

Sending a bouquet of flowers is a good to way to compliment your wedding anniversary.

You’re probably thinking “red roses again” which is not usually the case for wedding anniversaries. There are various ways to choose your anniversary flowers.

Choosing a flower based on your milestone year is one of the more common ways.

Remember to scour the internet for different content as information may differ from source to source.

The card attached to the flower says a lot so be sure to include our very own custom wishing card to your cart when purchasing from our online stores.

Mother’s Day

Sending flowers to a mom shows how much you admire their role as mothers. Most moms love getting flowers.

Think of flowers that can brighten up her day. You could try sending a bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers or a set of pink carnations to help her feel relaxed.

Go the extra mile and send her flowers every week as mother’s day ought to be celebrated more frequently.

Condolences Flowers

Condolences flowers are common as they present a sense of comfort to the grieving family.

It also shows how much you care and support the family. Light pastel coloured flowers are best suited for an occasion such as this. Or you could go for a more neutral approach in white carnations or daisies.

New Parents

What better way to congratulate new parents then with flowers.

Send bright coloured flowers to celebrate their induction as parents. Get a smaller set of flowers specially made for the new born as a token of good will although he/she wouldn’t even remember it.

New parents would appreciate some privacy so make use of our delivery services and have our riders send it to their doorstep!