Saying Thank You with Flowers

Post by: Flower Delivery Kota Kinabalu

Bored with a simple old “thanks!” or “thank you”?

Maybe you have a favourite teacher or friend whom you’re looking to show your appreciation to.

Why not get creative with your “thank you” and start sending flowers instead.

Here are tips on how to use flowers to thank your loved ones, friends and anyone who’d done right by you.

Family Members

No one deserves more gratitude than family.

Sending a family member some flowers is satisfying to say the least. Whether it be your parents, grandparents or siblings, it’s a good way to show much you appreciate them for being by your side.

Daisies, roses and lilies are usually associated with parents and grandparents as it portrays familial relations. You could opt for sunflowers or chrysanthemums for your siblings as they represent values of friendship. A more simplistic way of choosing a flower is by getting their favourite ones.

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A good friend can have a positive impact on your life.

A friend as such should be appreciated for their positive output and flowers would be a good way to show it.

Think of flowers that represent values of friendship. These are usually yellow flowers such as sunflowers and chrysanthemums. Yellow roses are also special in a sense that it purely symbolizes friendship as to normal roses that represent love and commitment.


As heralds of knowledge and wisdom, teachers can be important figures in our lives too.

You’re done with school or college and you’re looking to show appreciation to the ones who guided you throughout your learning process. Good educators deserve some gratitude and what better way than saying it through flowers.

Lilies are perfect to credit the devotion a good educator possesses. Irises on the other hand symbolize wisdom. If you’re unsure between which to get, get experimental and mix them up.

General Thank You Flowers

In retrospect, any flower would be a good way to say thank you.

As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts and that alone represents a lot. If there’s someone you’re looking to thank that don’t fall in any of the category above, get that person flowers anyway.

Be sure to arrange them nicely and maybe mix the flowers up a bit. Not sure how? You could always come on down to our stores and have a survey of our range of selections!

The Thank You Quote/Message

Don’t forget the card and its thank you quote!

Arguably the most important element to your thank you flowers. The thank you quote that comes with the flower is a perfect way to compliment your gift.

You can write a heartfelt message to the recipient or pull up a quote online. There are tons of thank you quotes online but be sure to choose one that resonates with your “thank you” the most.