How To Choose The Right Flowers for Your Partner

Post by: Kota Kinabalu Florist

Thinking of sending flowers to your loved one?

Maybe you haven’t seen you’re special someone in a while?

Being away from your favourite person/partner can be rough especially during these challenging times.

Although we have technology to keep us connected, going for a more divergent approach is never a bad idea. Flowers are perfect in conveying messages of love to your partner.

Here are flowers you can have us deliver to your partner within the area of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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Sunflowers are ideal to help brighten your partner’s day. It’s a no brainer that sunflowers symbolize the sun.

With their bright yellow colours and large petals, the resemblance is uncanny. On its most basic level, the sunflower is a symbol for happiness. It also symbolizes meanings of warmth and energy.

Having a vase full of sunflowers can bring joy to anyone’s home, a perfect way to compliment your thoughtful gesture.


When in doubt, just go for the classic. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary or for any random occasion, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses.

Red roses have been used to convey meanings of love and passion throughout centuries.

The fragrant smell and red flowers will remind your partner about your unconditional love. You could also go for a more subtle approach and send a single rose to say “I still love you”.


The perfect choice if your partner is named Lilly. The lily flower is known to represent meanings of purity, femininity and fertility. Its innocent features are easy on the eyes, making it a perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife.

Opting for our yellow lilies is also a good way to say thank you as yellow lilies symbolise thankfulness.


A flower to remind your partner how beautiful they are. More or less like lilies, gerberas represents innocence, purity and beauty.

Most gerberas have similar features to that of sunflowers based on the way their petals are opened up. This seems to radiate a sense of joy, a worthy flower to have in your partner’s living room

Mix and Match

Mixing up flowers can help you conjure up the perfect bouquet... especially with delicious chocolates and premium boxes!

Divert from the norm and mix your bouquet up with different flowers and packaging designs. The bouquets consisting of flowers, and chocolates, and custom balloons. are aesthetically pleasing. The visual impact of such gifts definite brings a smile to the receiver.

To make it simpler, just choose from our selections! We have a range of bouquet arrangements prepared in elegant fashion.

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