How to Care For Lilies (5 Useful Tips Everyone Must Know)

Post by: Kota Kinabalu Florist

Lilies are some of the most prominent flowers in the world and rightfully so.

Simplistic and beautiful in nature, their various colours, bright blooms and unique fragrance can help enrich your surroundings. Its bound to make a difference whether you put them in your homes or plant them in your garden.

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Here are some tips on how to care for your pre-cut lilies after purchasing them from our HappyFlorist - Kota Kinabalu online florist.

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1. Give Them a Good Grooming and Home

Pamper your lilies the moment you take them home.

This plays big role to how long your lilies will last. Start by trimming the stems at a 45-degree angle with a pair of sheers or kitchen scissors. Stem cutting contributes to better water absorption. Next, remove leaves that are about to fall. Avoid having submerged leaves as it adds to the build-up of bacteria.

Put them in a vase once you’re done and don’t forget to add the water, preferably filtered water.

2. Arrange them Aesthetically

Everybody likes looking at a nicely arranged vase of flowers.

Don’t just pop your lilies in once you’re done with the grooming! Be structured with your arrangement and it wont hurt to mix your lilies up with other flowers.

Taller flowers like Roses and sunflowers go perfect with lilies, which are also available at our stores!

3. Situate them in the Right Environment

Avoid placing your lilies under direct sunlight. Cut lilies along with other cut flowers don’t do well under sunlight. Also avoid placing them near appliances that generate high or low temperatures. Place your lilies under partial shade and somewhere with indirect sunlight.

Cool temperatures are key to helping your cut lilies last longer.

4. Remove the Pollen

Pollen reduces the lifespan of your lilies. Pollen can eat up a lilies petal if it were to touch them. Most lilies produce pollen that are easy to remove. Simply pluck the pollen from the lilies stamen and do not allow the pollen to touch the petals while you’re doing so.

5. Check Up on Your Lilies

Check on your lilies every two days.

To ensure your lilies longevity, consistent attention and care is required. This includes checking up on them to make sure their stems are cut; wilted leaves are removed and their water is changed.

6. Keep Your Cats Away!

Lilies are known to be toxic, especially towards cats.

You should reconsider having lilies around the house if you have pets. Cats on are highly sensitive to its toxins. This should be kept in mind if you have other pets as they might have bad reactions too.