How to Apologize with Flowers

Post by: Kota Kinabalu Florist

Just got into an argument with your wife/girlfriend? Don’t fret as you’re not the only one.

Having an argument with your partner is completely normal. What matters most is how you make up for it.

Catching your partner off guard with a bouquet of apology flowers can definitely break the silent treatment.

Here are a few ways to present the perfect apology flowers to your better half.

Favorite Flowers

Get your partner her favorite set of flowers.

Make it a priority to know about her favorite flowers. It shows how attentive you are to what she likes and it makes your gift all the more meaningful.

You could always ask her family or friends in cases where you don’t know. If that doesn’t work, recall instances when she did bring home flowers or how she reacted upon seeing one.

Flowers Based on Meaning

When you don’t know what’s her favorite flower and all else fails.

Get flowers based on its meaning and how it relates to your situation. Roses, sunflowers, lilies and gerberas are flowers that are available on our online stores. They each have a distinct meaning which you can use to your advantage.

For instance, roses symbolize love and romance, sunflowers are meant to cheer you up, lilies and gerberas represent purity. Don’t forget to search for other flower meanings as there are many different types.

A Bouquet with Gifts

Splash a little more of your cash and get a side gift to go with your flowers.

Your side gift can consist of anything that may help your cause. A more general approach is to get a stuffed toy or some chocolates.

A stuffed toy like a teddy bear can be kept for a while and work as a reminder of you. Chocolates would be an obvious choice if your partner has a sweet tooth.

Have a look at our gift box section which is tailored for your sweet toothed soulmate. You could also opt for our regular chocolate filled bouquets.

A Bouquet with Food

When in doubt, just thrown in some food.

Guys who can cook will excel in this department. Nothing beats a home cooked meal presented on a beautifully set dining table.

Don’t forget to place your fresh bouquet in the center of your table to brighten up your dining room.

The meal alone will probably do the trick! And if you can’t cook then just have her favorite food delivered to her home along with the flowers.

A Bouquet with a Message

A personalized message attached to your gift is the icing on the cake.

It’s always good to add layers to the context of your gift. In this case, a message will transform your bouquet into the perfect apology gift.

Those that have a way with words should get creative and explore different forms of text. Poetry and humor are creative angles you could use to write your message.

To those who are not, well, the internet is filled with virtually an unlimited amount of creative texts for you to choose from!