Gifting Flower to Colleague? Flower Etiquette at Your Workplace

Ever thought of sending flowers to your co-workers or boss? 

Flower gifting at the workplace is rather unconventional compared to other flower gifting occasions. Unless you’re aware of the proper etiquette involved, please do not send flowers at random. 

Here are three things to consider when buying flowers for people at your workplace.

1. The Colour of Your Flowers Say A Lot 

flower colour chart

Don’t send randomly coloured flowers.

Different colours represent different expression so choose your colours wisely. Avoid sending pink and red roses as they convey meanings of love and romance. This is taboo in many work places and rightfully so.

Conveying wrong messages of romance to your co-workers or boss can stir unwanted rumours within the workspace. 

Unless the occasion is right, only send pink and red roses as a way to congratulate your co-workers who are getting married. 

2. When You Should Send Flowers? 

flower delivery

Only send flowers when the occasion calls for it. 

It may be tempting to send flowers as a gesture of good will but always contemplate about the appropriateness of the situation. Some of your co-workers could be allergic or maybe they might accuse you of fishing for attention. 

To be on the safe side, only send flowers during special occasions such as these. 


Birthdays are an immediate green light for flower gifting. Give your co-workers brightly lit flowers like yellow roses or sunflowers to symbolize meaning of friendship and good health.

Why not throw in a box of chocolates for good measure; both sunflowers and chocolates can be bought from our store.

Maternity Gifts

Send flowers to your co worker who just delivered a baby. This calls for a more subtle cut like baby breaths or gerbera. It’ll also be nice to throw in a mix of balloons to add more colour to your flowers. 

Showing Sympathy to Your Co Worker

Give sympathy flowers to a co-worker who’s grieving for a family member. Avoid giving vibrant coloured flowers and go for a more neutral approach like light coloured lilies, also available at our HappyFlorist store.

Get Well Soon Flowers

It’s always nice to receive a gift while you’re sick. Sending flowers to your bed ridden co-worker is a good gesture to show how much you care.

Don’t forget to attach a card to compliment the flower. 

Congratulation Flowers

Send flowers to congratulate your co-worker who just got married. Red and pink roses are appropriate for occasions like this.

3. Sending Flowers to the Boss

gifting flower at office

This is it folks, the ultimate test for you flower giving enthusiasts.

Gifting flowers to the boss should be done professionally and not for the sake of bootlicking. Try not to make it public as other co-workers might get the wrong impression.

To take the load of you, why not work as a collective (with teammates) and gift your boss flowers. 

It can be for his/her birthday, marriage or any other occasion mentioned above. 


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