5 Ways to Make Your Red Roses Last Longer

Post by: Kota Kinabalu Florist

Red roses, the ultimate symbol of love for another or for yourself depending on who buys it!

Just got a bunch of red roses from your loved ones?

Or maybe you decided to purchase some from our flower store to add that red glow to your home.

Either way, you’d want to make sure those roses last as long as they can.

Here are 5 ways to make your red roses last longer.

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#1 - Cut the Stems

An overlooked but important aspect to preserving your cut roses longer.

Upon retrieving your roses, use a pair of sheers or kitchen scissors to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle.

Stem cutting will help your roses absorb water more efficiently. Keep in mind that the shorter the stems, the least distance it will have to travel to the rose bud.

Try cutting the stems under warm water as it will immediately hydrate your roses.

#2 - Remove the Leaves

Remove extra leaves that may fall into the vase water.

Submerged leaves will add to the build-up of bacteria. This will accelerate the wilting of your roses.

Removing excess leaves will also help your flowers energy focus on the main bloom, keeping it fresh and alive longer.

#3 - Place them in a Clean Vase

The bacteria in a dirty vase can cause your roses to deteriorate and wilt quickly.

Always clean your vase before placing your roses in them.

Make sure to top the vase up with some filtered water. Use warm water to ensure better uptake of nutrients. A

simple flower hack to keep the water clean is by crushing an aspirin and pouring its powder into the water. The contents of the aspirin will keep the water free from bacteria.

#4 - Feed Your Roses

Start using flower food.

Flower food can help maintain the longevity of your roses in more than one way. Flower food acts as an energy source for the blooms, an antibacterial which kills bacteria in the water (do not use the aspirin trick if you’re using flower food) and a PH regulator that helps water travel faster.

Flower food is a simple and cheap way to help improve your roses vase life.

#5 - The Location of the Vase Matters

Be mindful of where you place your roses.

Cut roses love dwelling in cool areas. A common misconception is to place them under direct sunlight which is a big no.

Also keep them away from heat sources and fruit bowls. Fruits release tiny amounts of gas that will cut the lifespan of your flowers.

BONUS #6 - Repeat The Steps!

Don’t think you’re done just yet.

Same as any other sentient being, your roses required constant care. Check on your roses every two days and be sure to cut its stems, remove the leaves, clean the vase, change its water and top it up with some flower food.