5 Fascinating Facts You Need to Know About Roses

Post by: Kota Kinabalu Florist

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's no surprise for us to see flower bouquets almost everywhere.

While many people associate rose plants with romance, these blooming beauties are more than Valentine's Day cliché. They vary in a stunning array of sizes, shapes, smell and colours, making them a heartily versatile favourite worldwide.

In the spirit of this forthcoming celebration of love, we've put five interesting facts about roses to get you in the gift-giving spirit!

1. They are Known for Its Everlasting Scent

Roses, which have always been famous for their good looks, also gain the reputation for their relaxing and sweet floral fragrances that many people love.

Their petals contain perfume glands that high-end companies strive for, which are then used in perfumes.

The velvety bloom has an elusive essence that was highly prized during the Roman empire.

Symbolised as a romantic beauty, they were also sacred to the Goddess of love, Aphrodite, during the ancient Greek civilisation.

2. Roses Come in Different Colours With Distinct Meanings

In the world of florists, each rose colour carries a different emotional feeling and message. As an illustration, pink roses display sophistication and gracefulness.

Besides red roses exuding warmth and intimacy, purple roses are a symbol of love at first sight.

As a sign of a new beginning, people often associate white roses with marriage.

Charming and underrated, peach-coloured roses reveal appreciation and loyalty. Meanwhile, you can show happiness and friendship by giving yellow roses due to the lively and bright colour.

3. Rose Plants Are Known to be Long-Living Flowers

With proper care that provides a suitable location and protection from pests, you can enjoy the beauty for decades. Roses that receive a sufficient amount of water could live much longer.

Based on a recent report, a large bush of Rose canina covers the Cathedral of Hildesheim's wall in Germany and has been done for over 1000 years. What's more interesting is that the bush managed to survive from the World War II bombing.

By and large, you can expect a garden rose to flourish for many years with attentive care.

4. These Love Plants Have Prickles, Not Thorns

Technically speaking, botanists refer to their sharp spikes as prickles.

Many people may not see the difference between thorns and prickles. However, the nasty points on the rose stems can be easily removed, unlike thorns.

5. The Number of Roses Have a Hidden Meaning

As superstitions continue to grow dim, people don't always count the number of roses in their bouquets. However, the quantity does convey an invisible message.

For example, one rose represents love at first sight or the greatest possible devotion such as "you're still the one for me" especially for a long-time relationship.

A dozen roses – 12 roses – primarily indicate respect and gratefulness for your presence.

If you happen to receive 13 roses, it could mean that someone secretly admires you.

So, there you go – be sure to get the number right in case you plan to surprise your loved one!

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