4 Baby’s Breath Facts that are So Sweet!

4 Baby’s Breath Facts that are So Sweet!

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Picture an ordinary baby’s breath bouquet in your mind — don’t you find baby’s breath adorable?


Many flower lovers may depict them as tall, petite and bright-coloured flowers bestowing an unearthly sparkle.

Meanwhile, this small bloom imagery doesn’t do the plant justice. Like sunflowers and roses, baby’s breath is dynamic since they grow in various shapes, sizes and colours.


Some of them have petals that are so thin to such an extent that even the air, made dim by the plumes of dust, could radiate through them.


If you search for more information on baby’s breath, use the following facts below to inspire the way you view them.

Baby’s Breath Are Naturally White in Colour

These days, you can purchase baby’s breaths that come in a wide range of colours from your local florists. However, they are naturally white in colour. Other varieties come in baby pink and light yellow, too.

Their natural white variety is frequently connected with spirituality, innocence and unity. As a result, they are regularly utilised as a hand bouquet at weddings.  

The baby pink is thought to equate to love and gentleness broadly used in baby reveal parties, especially if you are expecting a baby girl.

Meanwhile, light yellow represents happiness and fellowship. Yellow-shaded baby’s breaths would be a perfect gift for your friend’s wedding.

They are Used in Cuisines and Cancer Treatment

Some baby’s breath species have consumable roots, and they are also grown for and used as a medical ingredient.

Extracts from the bloom can be found in food products such as cheese, ice cream, and alcoholic drinks. For example, they are used in sweet halva, a popular Middle-Eastern treat.

Saponins (chemicals within the flowers) can break down cancerous cells. Though useful in medicines, they can likewise cause several allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Baby’s Breath Can Grow Up to 90 Centimetres Tall

Baby’s breaths generally grow best in full sun that could reach up to a height of 90 centimetres (35.5 inches), contingent upon the species.

Their long stems and snowflake-looking features are often used for decorative purposes to give a stylish and chic look in wedding decorations, bouquets, and corsage plans.

The Flowers are also Referred to as Gypsophila

Apparently, the actual name for these flowers is Gypsophila and they come from the same family as carnations.

The tiny, graceful-like white blossoms have caused the name to be compassionately referred to as a baby’s breath since the late 1800s.

Other florists believe that the flowers got their name from the scent as they literally smell like sweet milk — also like the breath of an infant.

These 4 sweet baby’s breath facts demonstrate that they go past being delicate and nicely fragranced.

This time, let us ask again: When you imagine yourself blanketed by thousands of baby’s breath, what do you see?

Now that you’ve pictured your ideal-looking baby’s breath, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to add them to your bouquet gift or even flower vase at home. Browse through our baby’s breath bouquets for your perfect decorative arrangement.


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