Ideal Gift Flower Bouquets for Special Celebrations

Ideal Gift Flower Bouquets for Special Celebrations

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Gifting fresh blooms is perhaps one of the most ideal approaches to share your affection, companionship and bliss with your loved ones. In any case, it can be challenging to pick the ideal rose flower bouquets for various events. Since each blossom represent different emotions and meaning, it is pertinent for you to find out about the best flowers for every one of a kind celebration.


Consider yourself attending a funeral for example – it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to send someone a bunch of sunflowers for a memorial service. Within this all-inclusive guide, here are some of the occasions to ensure that your bouquets are appreciated. 


Birthday Flowers


If you are not too sure of the preferences of the person celebrating the birthday, the next best choice would be a flower bouquet. A bright-coloured floral bouquet that is arranged in an elegant manner is a perfect birthday present. 


The bouquet ought to be picked based on the receiver’s choice, the relationship you share, and the birth month of the recipient. As an illustration, a bouquet with yellow flowers would be a decent choice if you are gifting the bouquet to a longtime friend. 

Get-Well-Soon Flowers

Giving a sickly companion or relative a bundle of roses shows respect and generosity for them. Presently, the types of roses you give them is another question. From beautiful roses to tulips, you can add flowers of many contrasting colour tones in a single bouquet. 


Moreover, you don’t need to give blossoms that emit a solid scent. You can toss in something different into the blossom arrangement. Happy Florist always provides chocolate bars or balloons into the bouquet combination just to add some fun.

Congratulatory Flowers

Has your friend recently gotten a merited award? Did your manager choose to retire and enter a new life stage? Indeed, there is a good possibility that everybody will be congratulated eventually. At the point when congratulations are in order, it is appropriate to ensure you choose flowers with brilliant and striking colours like orchids. 


The reality of the situation is that every occasion calls for different flowers. Gerberas would be more suitable for graduation ceremonies since they represent persistence. Meanwhile, a pregnancy may be best for lilies to demonstrate joy and brilliance.

Which Are the Other Occasions in Which Floral Bouquets Are Gifted in Malaysia?


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Despite the fact that mother’s day should be celebrated every day, the event that falls on the 21st of March is certainly one of the most celebratory moments. During this day, it is time to reward the woman who raised you and encouraged you to be the extraordinary person that you are today. In view of this, you will need to go all out to guarantee that your mom has an astounding Mother’s Day!


Flowers work great because they signify gratitude and unconditional love. To make your mother happy, you can consider giving her baby’s breath or lilies. 


Much the same as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is likewise celebrated to show your affection for each one of those beneficial things your dad has done for you.


If you can’t be with certain family member and friends, flowers would make a good choice to show them how much you care about them. You can also elevate your family’s Iftar tables with decorative floral arrangements as a centerpiece for your family meals. Happy Florist prioritises on everyone’s wellbeing and safety, guaranteeing that all packaging is thoroughly handled with care before arriving. 


This year’s colour palettes for Ramadan boasts royal hues of cream, purple and gold, honouring the richness of life and health. 

Chinese New Year

In view of the well-known Chinese saying, flowers bring wealth and fortune to the house. 


Blossoms like peonies are regularly associated with richness and harmony in Chinese folklore. Others like lilies are known to be flowers that are said to fill your home with an abundance of prosperity and good luck.


Christmas is the time where you should deck the halls with something really memorable.


You may not immediately think red and white roses for Christmas, however they unquestionably can light up the festive season.

A mix of these two tones represent love and harmony, adding a touch of winter wonderland elegance for an inviting bit of Christmas decór.





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