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How to Keep Your Bouquet of Flowers Fresh and Beautiful

How to Keep Your Bouquet of Flowers Fresh and Beautiful

Just got a fresh bouquet of flowers and not sure what to do next?

The phenomenon of flower giving is celebrated globally as it symbolizes the love and appreciation one feels towards you. Keeping your new bouquet fresh is a good way to return the favour and show how much you care too. 


Here are some tips on how to keep your flower bouquet fresh and beautiful. 


trip flower



A good way to start is by giving your flowers a neat trim. 


With a pair of shears or kitchen scissors, start cutting the stems by a centimetre or two. Stem cutting allows the flower to absorb water more efficiently. 


Next, work your way onto its leaves and trim off leave petals to enhance the appearance of your flower. Don’t forget to remove wilted petals to avoid submerged leaves. Submerged leaves will rot and add bacteria to the water, impeding the flowers water absorption. 


put flowers into vase



Placing your bouquet in a vase is like giving your flowers a place to stay. 


Ideally, the vase should be spacious enough to hold all the flowers. Do not overcrowd a vase and separate your bouquet into different vases if it does not fit.  


A clear glass vase is the conventional setting to place your bouquet in. Affordable and efficient, the glass vase allows you to see right through, giving you an idea of when to cut stems and change water. Those looking to disguise its stem can opt for an opaque vase. This will put more emphasis on the flower.


Lastly, top your vase up with some cool water. Tap water is fine but filtered would be better. 


place in the right location




After placing your flowers in a vase, the next step should be finding the right place to situate it. 


A common misconception is to place the vase near a window, thinking that the flowers need a lot of sunlight. Your vase should be placed under partial shade and somewhere with indirect sunlight. 


Avoid placing them near appliances that generate high or low temperature. Also keep them away from fresh fruit as they tend to release tiny amounts of gas that can cut the lifespan of your flowers. 


All in all, your flowers ought to be placed in a cool environment to prevent dehydration. 


check up the flowers



Your flowers should be checked on every few days. 


Leaves are bound to wilt and fall into the water. As mentioned earlier, the leaves will then rot and excrete bacteria that disrupts the flowers water absorption process. This may also leave a peculiar smell so be sure to change the water in your vase. 


Clean the vase before placing the flowers back inside and trim the stems that have grown out of place. 


You can also take the extra step and add flower food to the water. This lowers the pH to help the flower hydrate more efficiently. Just be sure to completely dissolve the ingredient before putting the flowers back in. 








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