5 Reasons to Buy Floral Bouquets from Online Florists

5 Reasons to Buy Floral Bouquets from Online Florists

This post is written by Happy Florist team member.

From the vibrant colours to fragrant smell, there’s no denying that fresh-cut flowers are in blossom. 


While the online channel for floral bouquets is still in its infancy, the number is expected to bloom. 


Citizens can now have the convenience to purchase online floral shops that offer a wide range of floral arrangements and gifts for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Other than to celebrate these special days, field-fresh flowers could even rehabilitate your home year-round. 


Since more customers seek time and comfort, how does it compare with buying flowers and plants at a traditional florist shop that you can physically see with your own eyes? You don’t need to worry. Here are the benefits of window-shopping and buying flowers online. 

1. Think Local – Support Small and Medium Businesses

In lean times, drastic times call for extreme actions. Local businesses would unquestionably rely on your support to stay afloat. 


By supporting independent businesses, it’s the best of both worlds when you can combine local grower ingenuity and the convenience of ordering online. Happy Florist works hand in hand with local florists to ensure that online shoppers and receivers could experience the best quality. 


Our floral stylists also add a hint of modernity to the bespoke flower bouquets to brighten your mood. Ultimately, life’s too short of giving someone a similar-looking floral bouquet more than once!


2. It’s All About Convenience and Speed

It is no stranger for us to find time to visit a florist shop by ourselves in today’s tight work schedule. 


Undoubtedly, here come the online florists to your rescue – they can help you save time, eliminate unnecessary stress and ensure that you receive the best service and suitable flowers for the respective occasion. 


A few steps you would need to take are choosing the bouquets from any device based on your likings, leaving the receiver’s address, and other necessary details for smooth delivery. Our online floral shop will indeed take care of the rest without you having to step outside of your house. 


Most stores will send you the expected delivery dates on their websites. Hence, customers can account for how much time to allot before placing their orders.

3. Easier to Compare Prices

Let’s be honest; almost everyone loves a good deal. What flower lovers want is unforgettable seasonal bouquets at the right price. 


Online floral shops offer a wide selection of flowers to choose from, where you can compare the prices and decide where to buy them. 


That being said, you can often get better deals at online stores – including Happy Florist – than you can at your physical floral shop.  Moreover, hand-wrapped flowers often come from their own gardens. 

4. A Surprise is Always Sweeter

In this time and age, many things can happen! Professionally-designed bouquets delivered by florists can be a great surprise to your loved one. 


They can find out that you are the one who is thinking of them only after reading the card. 


You can even send a bouquet to your loved ones who live across the country for you. 

5. You Get to Customise Your Flower Arrangements

Special seasonal decor or personal occasion, make the design yours – the sky’s the limit! 


Nowadays, numerous online floral shops provide customers the freedom to customize their orders. 


You can even give a sweet personal touch to your bouquet by including an add-on gift. Happy Florist surely provides add-on extras, including luscious chocolate treats to satisfy the recipient’s sweet tooth. 


Again, your special someone on the receiving side would be happy as long as the gift comes from the heart. 

Are you in the mood for floral bouquets? Get your vase ready for the prettiest hand-picked flowers Happy Florist has to offer!

Ever since the demand for online flower delivery in Kota Kinabalu is blooming, our team of local florists continues to keep you on top of the game. Happy online shopping!





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